Scientific Program

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6 April – Wednesday

5th International Symposium on law school personal statement writing service Fusarium head blight

Legend:    K = Keynote talk  |  O = Oral presentation  |   P = Poster presentation

10:30  Opening session

Main Plenary talk

11:00 K1 – Fusarium mycotoxins in Brazilian wheat and barley: status and potential risk – Carlos Mallmann – UFSM (Brazil)  - Video

Session 1 – Germplasm development and breeding for scab resistance. Chair: Hongxiang Ma – Jiangsu Academ. of Agric. Sci. (China)

13:30  K2 – Novel findings in breeding for Fusarium head blight resistance – Barbara Steiner – BOKU (Austria) – Video

14:00  K3 – Improvement of wheat Fusarium head blight (FHB) resistance in China – Peidu Chen – Nanjing Agricultural University (China)

14:30  15-min discussion

14:45  O1 – Genomic Selection for FHB-resistance in winter wheat adapted to the Eastern USA – Sneller, CH – The Ohio State University, Ohio, USA

15:05  O2 – The grain yield and quality of winter wheat cultivars under FHB pressure, content of Fusarium-mycotoxins – understanding the resistance by antioxidant pathways – Spanic, V – Agricultural Institute Osijek, Osijek (Croatia)

15:25  Coffee break

15:50  O3- Development of wheat-thinopyrum translocations with short alien segment carrying FHB resistance gene  FHB7 and its application in wheat breeding – Kong, L - Shandong Agricultural University (China)

16:10  O4- The role of phytohormones in resistance to Fusarium head blight and implications for breeding – Nicholson, P – John Innes Centre (UK)


Special Session Fhb1
Chair: Fiona Doohan – University College Dublin (Ireland)

16:30 K4 – A candidate gene regulates Fhb1 resistance to Fusarium head blight in wheat - Guihua Bai, USDA (USA) – Video

17:00 10-min discussion

17:15  Poster exhibition Session 1 (1-hour):  P1 to P23
On the board from Wednesday to Thursday -  List of posters


7 April – Thursday

Session 2 – Genetics and genomics of scab resistance
Chair: Paul Nicholson – John Innes Centre (UK)

08:00 K5 – Hunting for genes associated with priming-induced resistance and with susceptibility to FHB in wheat – Therese Ouellet Agri-Food Canada (Canada) – Video

08:30 K6 – FHB resistance – from receptors to downstream college essay review services free signalling – Fiona Doohan – University College Dublin (Ireland) – Video

09:00  15-min discussion

09:15 O5 – Improved resolution of Fusarium head blight resistance quantitative trait loci in tetraploid wheat using a high density genetic map – Sari, E. – Aquatic and Crop Resource Development (Canada)

09:35 O6 – Cloning and characterization of a specific UDP-glycotransferase gene induced by DON and Fusarium graminearum – Weniang, G – Shandong Agricultural University (China)

09:55 Coffee-break

10:15 O7 – Roles of specific Fusarium graminearum secreted protenis in Fusarium disease development – Machado, AKFM – Rothamsted Research (UK)

10:35 O8 – Identification of expression QTL and functional characterization of candidate genes for Fusarium head blight resistance in wheat -  Zhang, X – Institute of Biotechnology, Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences, Nanjing, China

10:55 O9 – Interaction of Qfhs.njau-3B with two other loci conferred resistance to spread of Fusarium head blight within spikes – Li, G. The APG Lab, NJAU (China)

11:15  Conference group photo

11:20 Poster exhibition Session 2 (1-hour):  P24 to P33
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Session 3 – Genetics and genomics of Fusarium species
Chair: Antonio Moretti – ISPA (Italy)

14:00 K7 – Using a bespoke ‘omics’ approach to devise a flexible new way to control Fusarium in wheat – Kim Hammond-Kosack – Rothamsted Research (UK) – Video

14:30 K8 – 1 Chromosome, 1 contig: Fusarium in the genomics era – Cees Waalwijk – Wageningen UR (Netherlands) – Video

15:00  15-min discussion

15:15 O10 – Comparative genomics of closely related Fusarium head blight fungi: Fusarium graminearum, F. meridionale and F. asiaticum -  Subramaniam, G – Department of Biology, Carleton University (Canada)

15:35 O11 -Using the phenotypic information in the pathogen-host interactions database (PHI-BASE) to explore Fusarium and Magnaporthe genomes, transcriptomes and proteomes -Urban, M. Rothamsted Research (UK)

15:55- Cofee-break

16:20 O12 – Molecular and phenotypic studies on the quantitative inheritance of aggressiveness and deoxynivalenol production in Fusarium graminearum populations causing head blight of wheat – Miedaner, T – University of Hohenheim (Germany)

16:40 O13 – Fusarium graminearum trichothecene genotypes in Europe – Yli-Mattila, T – Department of Biochemistry, University of Turku (Finland)

17:00 O14 Fusarium culmorum  baseline sensitivity towards triazole fungicides and new insight on resistance mechanisms – Hellin, P. – Université catholique de Louvain (Belgium)

17:20 Poster exhibition Session 3 (1-hour): P34-P38
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8 April – Friday

Session 4 – Epidemiology and management
Chair: Silvia Pereyra – INIA (Uruguay)

08:00 K9 - Technologies for pathogen and disease detection – Jonathan West – Rothamsted Research (UK) – Video

08:30 K10 – The role of cultural practices in the control of Fusarium head blight of wheat and other cereals – Ruth Dill-Macky – University of Minnesota (USA) – Video

09:00 15-min discussion

09:15  O15 – More than a decade of coordinated research to develop integrated management programs for Fusarium head blight of wheat – Paul, P – The Ohio State University (USA)

09:35 O16 – Using a bayesian model for estimating airborne infection risks: Fusarium head blight – Nicolau, M – Embrapa Trigo (Brazil)

09:55 Coffee-break

10:15 O17 – Rain forecast to time fungicide for FHB control in wheat – Reis, EM – OR Sementes (Brazil)

10:35 O18 – Trichothecene chemotypes and fitness of the Fusarium graminearum species complex in the major winter wheat-producing areas of China – Chen, H – Jiangsu Academy of Agricultural Sciences (China)

10:55 O19 – Applications of bio-molecular diagnostics and high-throughput technology for surveillance of Fusarium head blight pathogens in Canada – Gräfenhan T – Canadian Grain Commission (Canada)

11:15 Poster exhibition Session 4 (1-hour): P39 to P57
Posters on board only during Friday – List of posters


Session 5 – Toxicology and Food safety
Chair: Casiane Tibola – Embrapa Trigo (Brazil)

14:00 K11 – Wheat initiative expert working group on improving wheat quality and safety -  Sofia Chulze – UNRC (Argentina) – Video

14:30 K12 – Fusarium head blight in malting and brewing: successes and future challenges -
Paul Schwarz – North Dakota State University (USA) – Video

15:00 – 15-min discussion

15:15  O20 – Breakdown of mycotoxins in grain: is it a good fortune or really a misfortune? Fernando, D – University of Manitoba (Canada)

15:35 O21 – Mycotoxins profile in Brazilian wheat – De Almeida, J – Fundação Agrária de Pesquisa Agropecuária (Brazil)

15:55 Coffee-break

16:20 O22 – Contamination risk of DON by consumption of cracker biscuits – Garda-Buffon, J – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (Brazil)

16:40 O23 – Current risk of Fusarium toxins of wheat in China – Shi J – National Center for Agro-product Quality and Safety Risk Evaluation, Nanjing (China)

17:00 O24 – Genomic analyses of Fusarium incarnatum-equiseti species complex from cereals reveal genetic diversity of secondary metabolism gene clusters – Moretti, A – Institute of Sciences of Food Production (Italy)

17:20 Poster exhibition Session 5 (1-hour): P58 to P70
Posters on board during Friday – List of posters

18:20 Closing remarks of the 5th ISFHB

19:00 Happy hour


9 April – Saturday

2nd International Workshop on Wheat Blast

08:45 – Opening session

Session 1 – Wheat blast biology, genetics and genomics of resistance. Chair:  Gary Peterson -  USDA-ARS Foreign Disease-Weed Science Research Unit (USA)

09:00 K13 – Barbara Valent – Kansas State University (USA) – Video
Wheat blast: biology, genetics and genomics

09:30 K14 – Paritosh Kumar Malaker  – Wheat Research Center / Bangladesh Agric. Res. Institute ( Bangladesh) – Video
Occurrence of wheat blast in Bangladesh

10:00 – 15-min discussion

Session 2 – Screening of germplasm for blast resistance
Chair: Mohan Kohli – CAPECO/INBIO (Paraguay)

10:30 K15 – William W. Bockus – Kansas State University (USA) – Video
Blast Resistance In U.S Wheats

11:00 K16– Michel J. Vales – CIRAD UMR BGPI (France, Bolivia) – Video
Efficient breeding strategy for wheat blast disease resistance in Bolivia – use of the experience acquired on rice blast

11:30  15-min discussion

Session 3 – Pathogen Population Biology, Host Specialization and Origins. Chair: Etienne Duveiller (CIMMYT, India)

14:00 K17 Paulo Ceresini – UNESP Ilha Solteira (Brazil) – Video
The recent emergence and evolution of the wheat blast species complex in Brazil

14:30 K18 – Mark Farman – University of Kentucky (USA) – Video
Wheat blast and gray leaf spot: diseases caused by a single, genetically diverse pathogen super-population?

15:00  15-min discussion

Session 4 – Ecology, epidemiology and management
Chair: Pierce Paul – Ohio State University (USA)

15:15 K19 – Christian Cruz – Kansas State University (USA)
Wheat blast: progress in elucidating its ecology and developing strategies for control

15:45 K20 – Fabrício de A. Rodrigues – Universidade Federal de Viçosa (Brazil)
Silicon paves the way in suppressing blast development in wheat

16:15  15-min discussion

16:30 Coffee break

16:50 Poster exhibition (1-hour): P71 to P97  – List of posters

17:50 Closing remarks of the 2nd IWWB