Welcome to the 5th ISFHB and the 2nd IWWB! Find below some useful information about the event.

Weather: The average temperature will vary from 24 to 30 degrees Celsius.

Costão do Santinho: Participants staying in the hotel will have all the information about services included in the accommodation and program for accompanying persons at the reception when checking in.

We kindly want to inform that all participants that are not staying in Costao do Santinho will have to go first at the Hotel reception and the hotel attendant will take you to “Guarani room”, where the Symposium is going to be held. mu legend redzen online Fjallraven Kanken Mini The registration desk for the event will be located in front of the room.

Please be advised that the meeting badge should to be worn by all participants at all times during the event while in Costão do Santinho.

Restaurant: Participants that are not staying in Costão can buy the tickets for lunch at the registration desk. Mochilas Kanken Infantil Lunch will cost R$ 95,00 per person (2 non-alcoholic drinks included).

Car Parking: The car parking AGF is located right in front of the hotel. mu legend zen new balance femme blanche 996 It costs R$ 25,00 a day (free access all day). adidas y3 nike air max 1 ultra moire femme More information agfestacionamentos@gmail.com.

Taxi – At the International Hercilio Luz airport taxi are available to take you to the event venue. nike air max 2017 pas cher Taxi costs can vary from R$ 120 – 150 (USD 45- 50).

Shuttle: If you wish to book a shuttle from the airport to the event venue in advance, find below the contacts:

E-mail: isfhb@fibratur.com.br
Phone: +55 (48) 3224-1878
Cost: R$ 180,00 per person (in and out)

Norberto Fontanella – FONTANELLA
E-mail: norberto@fontanella.com.br
Phone: +55 (48) 3369-3433
Rafael Perin – FONTANELLA
E-mail: agencia@fontanella.com.br
Phone: +55 (48) 3369-3433 / +55 (48) 339-0195 / +55 (48) 8412-3154
Cost: R$ 160,00 up to three people (one way only)

Travel agency: For information about sightseeing, please contact FIBRATUR.
Contact: Elaine Magalhães
E-mail: isfhb@fibratur.com.br
Phone: +55 (48) 3224-1878

App: All the general information about the Symposium is available in the app named ISFHB.