SPOKANE, Wash. New homes continue to sprout up on Five Mile prairie. Jack Dien, a 17 year resident of the area has seen a lot of changes and a lot of wildlife. The third part is Vibration. This is the energy to either open the screen and attract the request to you, or close the screen and send it away being fear based and pushing the butterflies away. Protectiveness is also resistance.

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Spanish parliament has adopted the royal decree ofthe country government aimed atreforming the port system in Spain, despite strong disapproval by dockworkers and upcoming strikes.The royal decree waspresented by Spanish Ministry of Public Works earlier this year and is in line with the requirements of the European Union. It would enable ports to hire non unionized workers instead of the unionized ones. This could result in massive layoffs of Spanish stevedores.Commenting on the adoption of the royal decree, Paddy Crumlin, International Transport Workers’ Federation (ITF) President and Dockers’ Section Chair, stated:”This is a betrayal of Spain’s dockworkers, and even of its national interests warned back in February that the government was tearing up the rule book with a callous disregard for jobs, Spanish prestige and international conventions, and what the consequences would be.